Medical Alert System


Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping for a medical alert device can be confusing, so we provide some ideas for your comparison shopping and provide you with a recommendation.


When you start to evaluate these systems, you will quickly see that they all advertise similar prices about $30 per month for 24 hours a day, seven days a week monitoring.

You can choose a system with no monthly fees.

But some companies have hidden costs, such as activation, shipping and equipment fees that other companies do not have. You’ll have to dig a bit, but you will be able to see which companies charge these fees. When you do you should find your monthly medical alert comparison at around $30.

However, many people hold off on these systems as they do not want to commit to the annual subscription of $360 or so and the high initial cost ($200-$300). For those people, we recommend the system referred to in this link.


Some companies require you to sign up for a year of service; others have no contracts. Some companies offer refunds if you cancel, while others do not. It is vital that you understand the differences between the contracts of different medical alert companies before putting your signature on one of them.


Every company seems to offer the same service; namely, pressing a button and getting help. There are definitely differences between providers, however.

It’s important to read Medical Alert Reviews. Here are some things for which to look out when you compare medical alert systems.


  • In home or out of home service or both
  • Base station type – is it manufactured by the monitoring company or another company
  • Cell phone service do you have to connect through a cell phone?
  • Fall detection option – is that necessary?


After extensive research and reviews, this is our conclusion:

  1. Most users are concerned about an additional monthly fee and so would prefer a one-time charge
  2. Most users have someone else with them when they leave the home, so the outside 24/7 monitoring is not needed.
  3. Most users want a simple, easy to use, reliable and inexpensive system that does not require them adding yet another monthly expense to their budget.

About the Product we Recommend

  • No Monthly Fees – Bills or Contracts
  • 2 Panic Buttons Included – 1 Wrist Panic Button and 1 Necklace Panic Button
  • Instantly calls up to 3 phone numbers & plays your personalized emergency message.
  • Pacemaker Safe – 100 Foot Range –
  • WaterResistant Wrist Panic Button (You can shower and bathe with it).
  • Uses Normal Phone Line, Can also use Cell Phone with Bluetooth Adapter (sold separately)
  • Low cost