I have found that personal monitoring devices may be essential, but most patients pass on them because they cannot afford the monthly fees and high initial cost.

This page includes my research on this topic and my lowest cost, high-quality recommendation for you.

I am a safety enthusiast, having been involved with healthcare products and services for many years. I am an MSEE engineer, former microprocessor designer, have received one patent and am filing an additional four this year.

In the span of this time, I have lectured on many University Campus venues and written and published research papers about health-related items.

While this system does not address all monitoring issues, it does address the most important one – a call for help at the least cost.

After an extensive review of personal monitoring systems, I have concluded that our recommended system is the device of choice for most home patients. It offers safety monitoring when you need it without the added burden on a monthly subscription. While monthly plans are nice, the fact is most patients which need monitoring are with somebody when they leave the home anyway, so the additional call-anywhere monitoring service is generally not needed.

Richard F Kunde